Choose CAP3 to benefit from high quality services dedicated to the well-being of your boat. 
Right after its haul out, our technicians make a complete diagnosis. We send you a quote for validation. Works do not start before your agreement. 
We take care of the following services :
- Transport on our trailer
- Grounding, desalination, cleaning and wintering 
- Technical inventory
- Greasing
- Covering 
- Maintenance and wintering of engine/accessories 
- Repairs upon quote validation
- Parts order with manufacturer’s warranty 
- Check out before haul in
- Transport, haul in
- Full cleaning
- Test
YAMAHA technical agent
CAP 3 is an official YAMAHA technical agent.
We are equipped with YAMAHA specific tools and software.
Our technicians are regularly trained on YAMAHA outboards. 



CAP 3 Var Kali Boat

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